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Papers for Preface

0.1  Brooks, Frederick P. Jr. “No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accident in Software Engineering”
IEEE Computer 20 (4): 10–19, 1987

Papers for Chapter 1.
Task-Adequate Understanding

1.1  Van der Bijl-Brouwer, M. and Boess, S. (2010) “From remembering to envisioning product use: an informal design technique” Proceedings of the 7th International Design & Emotion Conference 2010. Chicago (IL, USA). More information at

1.2  Dretske, Fred (2004) “Change Blindness” Philosophical Studies 120 pp 1 to 18

1.3  British Ministry of Defense (2010) “Understanding” JDP04

1.5  Kamm, Daniel (2005) “An Introduction to Risk/Hazard Analysis for Medical Devices”

1.6  ...  "Failure Modes and Effects Analysis"

1.7  Gelperin, David (2018) "On the Inevitable Intertwining of Specification and Implementation" Revisited: Preprint

1.a  Gelperin, David (2008) "Q and A about imprecise requirements and rich definitions"