RD Ontology screenshots.pdf RD Ontology screenshots.pdf
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This file is a set of screenshots of a recent version of an RD ontology implemented on WhizFolders. The left-hand panel of each screenshot shows different elements of the ontology. What isn't shown is the free-form information associated with each element. Some are empty at the moment, others are not. I fully expect the taxonomy to evolve. This file will not.

What is not obvious at first glance is that the ontology spans two WhizFolder files (from bad to worse?). The second file contains the LiteRM quality attributes model and is referenced by the first. My attempt to show this second model in two dimensions can be found in the Quality Goals chapter of Understanding Requirements. Both the second model and the chapter are freely downloadable from www.quality-aware.com.

Several people have expressed a wish to see the taxonomy on a different platform. I would be happy to oblige, but there is no other easily accessible and easy to use platform that I know of. A web-based outliner would be ideal for sharing and some exist. Unfortunately, none are as powerful or easy to work with as WhizFolders.

However, my goal is to promote the use, not just the viewing, of the  ontology. Your organization or project probably uses different terminology and has its own priorities and information that it would like included. A tailored ontology is likely to be much more useful. In fact, you should use a copy of the LiteRM quality model to specify quality attribute requirements. If you don't, either your quality requirements are defective or you are working too hard.

I know it is asking a lot to download unfamiliar software. but I believe you will find the reward, well worth the "risk". You may feel more comfortable if you checkout the WhizFolders website.

Buying WhizFolders (at a discount) is a small price to pay for improved understanding and specification of requirements. [P.S. I have nothing to do with the development nor marketing of this app. I'm just happy I found it.]

RD Ontology V2.7.wzfolder RD Ontology V2.7.wzfolder
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This is a WhizFolders file containing an ontology for requirements and their development (RD).  You can  execute the WhizFolders viewer (below) on a Windows platform to explore the ontology.

[WhizFolders is a Windows application.  You can find it at whizfolders.com, including a free 30 day trial.  A 30% discount is available at:  sites.fastspring.com/avnitech/instant/wf7?coupon=LITERM117]

Please send suggested improvements including what, where, and why to david@clearspecs.com.


installwhizviewer.zip installwhizviewer.zip
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This is a zip file containing the Windows' installer for the WhizFolders viewer.  Use the viewer to explore the ontology above.